Anthropologie Finds Receptive European Market


Europe’s first Anthropologie store opened on Regent Street in London this fall, bringing one of the United States’ most popular brands in the UK. So far, the store has appealed massively to its market of middle-aged women with high incomes. However, what makes up this brand? Will it continue to be successful after the novelty wears off?

Despite being owned by mass marketer Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie is a boutique store with a sense of individuality. Every location is different, with a distinct blend of furnishing and decorations. The London location features a living wall made of plants that are watered by collected rainwater, a feature that is not present in any other location. The stores carry well-recognized brands as well as an eclectic collection of ‘found items’ that are congruent with the brand.

The logo design of Anthropologie compliments this artisan image. A simple black and white colour scheme of the fashion logo design is sophisticated while being simple enough to work well with a variety of differently decorated store locations. Scrolling lines surrounding the wording are feminine and classic enough to appeal to a largely female audience, while an old-fashioned font with serifs is substantial enough to balance the image. The clothing logo design is recognizable but versatile, which is exactly what this brand needs.

One important aspect of any retail store is the range of products carried. In this aspect, Anthropologie will certainly appeal to its target customer as well. Over 200 clothing lines are carried, many of which are specially designed for the store by top name designers such as Anna Sui. In addition to clothing, a wide variety of home goods are also offered, including furniture, linens, and fixtures. This range of goods is narrow enough to fit within the brand but wide enough to give shoppers a variety of styles to choose from.

The eco-sensibility of Anthropologie is a key part of the brand. The presence of a living wall in the London location certainly showcases this, as does the presence of a variety of organic and fair trade items. As the name would suggest, the store policies reflect a concern for people around the world.

Creativity is a huge part of the Anthropologie brand as well. The stores are arranged to feel soothing so that women can let their creative juices flow. Dim lighting illuminates a variety of good, many of which feature embroidery, carving, or other marks of hand-made quality. Women who visit this store can feel that they are in a calmer, more organized version of a foreign bazaar.

The Anthropologie brand seems to be faring well in the UK, and all signs point to it doing just as well in the months to come. The cohesiveness of the brand and the way it extends to every aspect of the store is certainly a sign of good things to come. This professionally crafted brand and the success of the company it represented is an example of what a branding consultant can do for a company.