Another, Less Controversial Gap Logo


While the design world was abuzz over the short lived new Gap logo, the company managed to slip a new design under the radar. The new design is for Gap Body Fit, a line of premium exercise wear being released by the well known fashion company. This represents not just a new brand, but a whole new venture for the clothing business. Will this new logo design be up to the task?

The Gap brand has been in the news a lot lately, as the company tried unsuccessfully to introduce a new logo design for their company. While many people feel strongly about the company’s main logo—as evidenced by the outcry when it was suddenly changed—they seem to care less about the niche logos that the company uses for their smaller lines. For instance, there is GapBody, Gap Women, Baby Gap, and now Gap Body Fit, all of which have logo designs that were introduced with no protest.

The Gap Body Fit logo design ties in subtly to the main corporate logo while maintaining its own character. The image is of a stylized letter G, which also appears to be a woman or other figure in a bent over position, as if she is stretching or assuming a yoga position. The image and the writing are both in a calm, pale gray that is certainly different from the deep blue that is used by the Gap corporation. The writing, however, ties directly into the company brand. The font is Helvetica, which is the main Gap typeface, but it is in a form of the font called Helvetica Neue that is subtly more modern.

The reason for this new logo is simple: athletic apparel is a very competitive industry. People enjoy wearing name brand athletic wear with a subtle yet conspicuous logo. Because the Gap corporate logo doesn’t work well in the small sizes that this demands, the decision to come out with a distinctive Gap Body Fit logo design was the best compromise. The mark will be placed not just on packaging and signage, but on the garments themselves.

Why aren’t Gap brand fans protesting this new logo design? The quality and the fact that it is appropriate for the brand it represents may be part of the general acceptance. If you recall, the logo that created so much outcry was unattractive and very different from the existing Gap brand. This may be part of the reason it was not accepted.

This logo design, on the other hand, is simple, feminine, well balanced, and flexible, which is exactly what a product line such as this demands. It actually has a chance in competing against some of the iconic brands in this category such as Nike and Lululemon. The logo is recognizable and ties into the Gap logo design without being a copycat. We look forward to seeing how this brand develops in the future and how it interacts with the main Gap brand.