Animal additions to Logo Designs


There are many iconographic images of animals in logos from Puma to the Cadberry Bunnies. An image of a company can be represented well with many animal inclusions to a logo. Speed, prowess, control, patients and even wisdom can be easily conveyed through animals.

For a great deal of human history, humans have somewhat anthropomorphized animals, giving them human attributes. I would like to discuss a few common ones just to get the creative juices flowing. But remember, these are not hard and fast or even international necessarily. These are general and apply broadly to the American audiences, though some may transfer to other English speaking countries well.

First I would like to discuss the owl. The owl has been renowned for its wisdom as well as its ability to understand the mysteries of the night. Owls see quite clearly in the night, if you want to steer someone through difficult of troubling times, that could be a strong reminder of you company’s ability to see what others cannot.

Bears have considerable power and strong protective instincts. But they are also cute and approachable thanks to the teddy bear. So a bear can be nurturing as well as strong or brutal. A dog can play the same role – if you select the right kind of dog as the icon of the brand. This depends strongly on presentation, do you need a cuddly bear, or perhaps a sign of strength and determination? Perhaps one of the best characteristics of the bear is that it is so adaptable.

Wolves have, for a long time, been a mysterious animal to many people. To those that are acquainted with them they are loveable curious creatures. But to those they who are not acquainted with them, they are ill omens, striking fear into the hearts of some. This again depends on the depiction of animals logos, so be careful, because this one can bite back if not handled with care.

Cheetahs are paragons of speed and movement. They are known widely for their speed, being the fastest land animal and fastest non-flying animal. If you are selling something where speed counts, cheetahs are one of the quickest recognized for speed. Cheetahs also have a fun color scheme that can become part of the pets logos.

When being regal counts Lions are quickly recognized, they are the royal animal of England. They usually represent dignity, power, justice and ferocity among other things. Lions have a strong response in our culture because while we dislike admitting it, we were once an English colony and as such have strong ties or respect to the lion it would seem. Of course you may not use such designs for animal farm logos such as the Celtic Ridge Farm Logo.

The last animal symbol I will go into will be the Dragon. While it is widely regarded as fantasy, the dragon still holds a great deal of power in a great deal of our hearts. This can be represented in a few ways much like the rest of the animals that have been covered here. Primarily it represents power, pure and simple. There are very few things that stand in the way of a dragon, it achieves it ends the period. Three is also a great deal of wisdom and knowledge associated with the dragon, they are intelligent and extraordinarily long-lived.

These should give you a few good ideas of where you may like to start if you decide to incorporate an animal in your logo design. Remember these are just suggestions you can use whatever animal you want from a ferocious bunny, to a goofy dragon.