Angoss Falls Out of Orbit


Angoss is a Toronto-based business that makes business software focused on solving common problems that businesses face. The company recently rebranded to create a logo thmoat is more representative of the organization and its interaction with modern companies.

The old logo was dated, but this was not its worst flaw. It seemed to suggest that the world rotated around the company, thanks to a planet with an orbital circling the word. The colors and font both left a lot of room for improvement. The logo was bland and out of style (not to mention the implication that the world revolves around them), and none of this speaks well of the company,

The new logo design is a definite improvement. Angoss has fallen out of orbit and landed on the planet Earth, with rounded black writing sitting beside a tree made from pixelated squares. The new tagline (“Predict. Act. Perform.”) is written below in a soft gray color. Trees are a symbol of natural growth as well as strength and nature. They also are a part of the company culture—a Strategy Tree and a Decision Tree are patented processes that Angoss has developed.

Something about the writing feels a little off—most notably the way that the tail of the G is cut off. This makes the logo feel somewhat unfinished. It is supposed to look like a custom typeface, but instead it looks like someone got too happy with their scissors and lopped off a letter. It might work better if there were more letters with tails that were cut off, but the single cropped G looks sloppy.

In a way, the image looks pixelated, which is hardly a favorable impression at a time when clear, high definition images seem to be the norm. However, we think it is merely a square incarnation of the popular mosaic design motif that is so popular right now. Mosaics bring up mental images of several smaller parts coming together to make a cohesive and meaningful whole, an impression that certainly would be favorable for Angoss. In this case, the squares likely represent bits of data, which are combined into a source of growth.

The tagline may seem a little unnecessary, but it explains the process that companies go through as they work with Angoss. Angoss is in the business of developing software that interprets data so that the companies can then make good decisions for the future. This makes the tagline more meaningful and also provides background for the tree image.

The new logo design is not perfect, but it is definitely an improvement. It has an interesting image that is representative of the company goals, while also very stylish. The font may have a few execution issues, but it is still better than old, spindly lettering. Sometimes it is more important that a logo design represent a brand than that it be absolutely perfect. While perfection is always a goal in design, sometimes a perfect logo is the one that meets your company’s needs.