Andersson-Wise Architecture Website Review


It is particularly important for design-oriented businesses to have well-designed websites. After all, a website should help to build your brand, which hopefully includes good aesthetic style, and also give customers a sense of what kind of work your company specializes in. The Andersson-Wise website is one of the best architecture websites we have seen this year because of the attention to branding, especially in the little details.

Website Reviewed: Andersson-Wise Architecture

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The website is black with white writing, which allows the photos of different projects to really pop. The font and other visual accents are all very simple, which again draws attention back to the photos. This is a firm that feels comfortable letting their work speak for itself.

A navigation bar makes it easy to access all parts of the website, which include past projects, a published book of the firm’s work, and more. There is an area for news and press as well as links to the company’s social media pages. This website gives the firm a very substantial and legitimate feeling, like it has a huge presence in the architecture world both locally and nationally. This is exactly the impression that the firm is trying to portray. People prefer to have their home or other large project completed by an established professional rather than an inexperienced newcomer to the scene. A website can be a crucial part of creating this impression.

Creativity: 5 stars. The use of simple design and colors to bring attention to the photographs and portfolio may seem obvious, but it is in fact a difficult thing to pull off. Andersson-Wise seems to do it effortlessly, which suggests that their design skills are Yoda-like.

Ease of use: 5 stars. There is a navigation bar that makes it easy to navigate the website and find exactlw what you need. In addition, the information is organized into logical categories, making it simple to find. Again, simplicity is the over-arching theme.

Functionality: 4 stars. You have to make your way to the contact page before you get any access to social networking pages, which is an unfortunate oversight. If we had our way, there would be links to Facebook on every page and viewers would be able to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ different projects. This website is well-designed, but it needs to be a little more functional. We feel that the architects have chosen form over function when they could have had both.

Content: 4 stars. The writing is technically good, but very difficult to actually read. There are just too many abstract terms strung together. Putting things in everyday language, making the wording as simple and sophisticated as the rest of the design, would be a huge improvement.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website is very appropriate both for the brand and for the customers, showing the company to its best advantage and offering a lot of information. It shows off the company’s design skills and will give customers confidence in the architects’ skill.

Overall: 4.6 out of 5 stars.