An NRGetic Energy Logo

By Mash Bonigala

Energy Logo – People outside of Texas have probably not heard of Reliant, but it is a major name in the state. Reliant boasts 1.5 million customers and is one of the largest energy companies in a state with a whole lot of energy companies. Even if you arenergye not familiar with the energy company itself, you may be familiar with Reliant Park and Reliant Stadium, which are home to the NFL Houston Texans and hosted the 2004 Super Bowl.

Reliant was bought in 2009 by the national and redundantly named NRG Energy. The two companies have maintained separate brands and logo designs for these two years, but they recently introduced a new brand that will encompass both companies.

The old Reliant Energy Industry logo design featured the name of the company in italicized yet plain letters, with three dashes that are meant to resemble lighting. This logo has a lot of energy and definitely is appropriate for the company. However, it was less appropriate for the Park and Stadium because there was nothing festive or fun about it. The best thing we can say about this logo is that it is definitely an energy logo design.

The new logo design features the name of the company along with three colorful shapes that sould be interpreted as plus signs, sparks, flowers, stars, fireworks… really, whatever you want. I am going to give the company the benefit of the doubt and assume that these are sparks, which are at least related to the energy business. It is festive and more appropriate for the sports applications of this logo design. The company has already started using firework displays that tie into this logo design at Reliant Park, which is possibly the most interesting medium for a logo that I have heard of.

There are downsides to the new logo as well. It is not very relevant to the business, first of all. When we are dealing with electricity, sparks are not always a good thing. They are a sign that your wiring is bad, in fact. Also, sparks contain very little power. Maybe I am overthinking this, but I think the bolts were more powerful and compelling, although they definitely needed an update. Also, the lower case font is too weak for both the park and the business. Many people seem to turn to that lower case writing as a default lately, but it only really works with certain types of business. Energy is not one of them. However, this logo may work better for NRG Energy, the parent company, because there can be no confusion over their industry.

The energy business is changing. They are trying to seem more friendly, less threatening and more natural. We have seen many companies push any reference to coal, oil and carbon-based energy sources from their brands, instead embracing flowers, sunshine and, now, sparks.

This new design is better in many ways. It is more modern, and it works equally well for NRG and Reliant. A change was certainly necessary, but I don’t know if this was the right choice. It is certainly an improvement.