An Inspiring Logo


Inspiring Logo – Cellular South is a wireless communications company that is hobbled by its name. The word ‘South’ is unfortunately very limiting because most people in the north will simply assume that the company does not serve their area. In fact, Cellular South is the largest privately owned wireless provider in the country, both north and south, and it is adopting a new name and a new logo design that clearly portray this.

According to information released about the new brand, the ‘C’ is for ‘consumer’ and the ‘spire’ is short for ‘inspire’. The name has also been tied into the new logo design, which features a letter C with spires coming out from it. The aggressiveness of the spires has been softened by rounded lines and lower case lettering.

This is quite the improvement over the former logo design, which featured the familiar bars that let cell phone users know that they are in a service area. This may be appropriate for the industry, but the logo design had little to do with this brand in particular. The name was written in lower case letters—similar to the new logo. Another similarity between the two is the color, although the old blue palette was slightly more dated than the new one.

The new company will offer not just a new name and logo design, but a new range of services as well. The company released a statement that was full of ambiguous statements like “unique personalization in apps” and other industry jargon. Hopefully they will develop a more customer friendly lexicon before the new brand is released to the public eye.

Although spires would seem to be an obvious image because of the name, I have to wonder whether they will be effective here. Even in a rounded format such as this one, they are unfriendly and even threatening. In addition, the shape has little to do with the brand itself. Nothing about this logo design screams independently owned or wireless communications. We give the company kudos for moving outside the box when it comes to design, but we can only wish that they had considered exactly what they are trying to say.

There are so many wireless service providers in the United States that marketing and logo design are important as a way of differentiating a company from the competition. In addition, while the market is huge, encompassing almost every American from adolescence and up, many people choose their wireless provider based on perks—such as free or low cost telephones—and what their friends and family use. There is also the issue of being ‘in style’, because the teen market is very oriented toward products and services that their peer group prefers.

C-Spire has a hard row to hoe if it wants to grow any further given this tough market. It has to break through walls of brand loyalty and offer something unique. This logo design is a good start in differentiating the brand, but it may fall short simply because of the nature of the market.