An End to Greenwashing?

By Mash Bonigala

Is the Green House Hotel a signal of an end of ‘greenwashing’ in the hotel industry? This new and thoroughly green hotel in Bournemouth will at least be raising the bar for other supposedly green businesses in the hotel industry.

Being ‘green’ can be an important part of any business’s brand, but the hospitality industry, in particular, seems to have hopped on this bandwagon. In fact, so many hotels have made claims to be green (often with only minimal support) that consumers are becoming increasingly skeptical of this claim. However, some businesses are putting their money where their mouth is and bringing integrity back to the green hospitality industry. Here are a few essential elements of any green brand.


This is the most important part of a green brand because without it, your business will look insincere and untrustworthy. The Green House, for example, has been successful in getting high ratings from environmental groups, adding weight to their green claims. The management and development team has made a list of 100 things they do to be greener, a list that is well publicized and available to their clients. This UK hotel clearly is not just about talk when it comes to the environment.


The Green House offers more than an indoor camping trip. Everything from their linens to their wine list is of the highest quality, designed to impress even discerning patrons. This is important. Even green consumers want to be spoiled. Green businesses need to keep quality high or they will lose fans quickly.


This is tied to quality. Modern people are not used to discomfort. We love our controlled temperatures, soft places to sit, and clean surfaces. Even if your business is green, you will need to plan for comfort. The green movement has grown enough that there are many comfortable options that are ecologically sound as well. The Green House, for example, uses local UK toiletries that are also renowned for texture and function.

Logo Design.

Your logo design is an important part of your UK brand, so make sure it shows your green roots. The Green House does an excellent job of this, with a stylish sage green color palette and leafy images. The lower case lettering is modern and unassuming, but in a serious font that implies this hotel is all business.

Local presence.

Bournemouth is not the most stylish locale in the UK, but the Green House maintains its green brand by remaining tied to their community. Everything that can be bought locally is bought there, from furniture to food. There is probably not a single item in the hotel that was not UK sourced. Set just a short walk from Dorset’s sandy beaches, the Green House need only look around their neighborhood for brand inspiration.

You can’t commission a green logo design and then assume that green branding ends there. Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy, which means that you will have to back up your ecological claims with real action. Talk to a branding or logo design expert today to see how you can build an authentically green brand.