An Aura of Good Design


If you are thinking about opening a business in the UK, having a great logo design created for your company is the first step. Breaking into a new market—any market—is difficult, especially in this economy. Not only must the design be attractive, it must represent your business, differentiate it from the competition, and speak specifically to your target consumer group.

Aura Heath & Wellbeing is a company that is taking its first steps into the UK market. This health and lifestyle brand will sell a wide range of products based on traditional Chinese medicines, from beauty products to dietary supplements. The wide range of products makes the matter a bit more complicated, because the logo design needs to be targeted and yet easy to customize. In addition, in the health and lifestyle business there is a need for high quality packaging design that ties into the brand while representing each item as a unique product.

The logo design is very general and yet also specific to the genre. While flowers are a common symbol for health and beauty products, and generally any product aimed at women, the main image used here is actually a modified tea leaf. The Chinese traditionally have prized tea leaves, and they are major product used in the Aura ranges. Rounded lower case writing is friendly in general, and this bespoke font in particular is feminine and also offers high recognition value. The colour palette will be customized for each product group, allowing some flexibility in the brand.

The new logo design is a good one for the industry and for this brand in particular. The real questions are: how it will tie into the packaging? Can it be customized for each individual product? To answer the first question, the packaging has been designed to reflect the logo in several different ways. The packaging includes the logo, but also uses the same font for the product name. The white background helps to promote the simple and modern feeling. The colour palette is very modern and yet includes only more natural tones, which tie into the all organic nature of the brand.

In addition to more traditional branding devices, the packaging has several more original ways of tying into the logo design. The bags of tea and other packaging include a tea leaf shaped lid, for example. Other artwork is used on some of the packaging, but this was created carefully to be a stylistic and visual match with the logo elements.

As we said before, the UK market is a particularly difficult one for new businesses. People in the UK tend to be brand conscious and already have loyalties to specific companies. Aura has a hard road in finding success in this market, but it already will have an advantage over many other new UK brands. The packaging and logo design are professional and stylish; the brand simply feels like a leader in the industry, which is an important part of actually becoming one.