Ampersandrew Website Review


Here we see another example of personal branding for an artist with a variety of ventures. However, this artist and the brand that he is trying to sell are both very different from the others we have looked at. This web page is just a little darker, just a little more sophisticated than most. This is exactly the impression that ampersandrew is trying to create.

Website Reviewed:

The first hint at the brand comes from the logo design. A stylized ampersand ties into the name in a dynamic and eye-catching red hue. The name of the person is immediately beside it in a thin, rounded unassuming font. While the image is ambitious, the writing balances it and brings it down a notch.

This sense of balance permeates the site. Similarly simple, lowercase writing at the side of the homepage lets people know what the artist’s specialties are. While the text is simple, the images are expressive and eye-catching. As you scroll down the site, you can see a variety of different projects that ampersandrew has been a part of, giving a well-rounded look at his abilities and work. You can also view his portfolio and a list of awards, like our own award-winning logo designs, from easy to use tabs that are conveniently located front and center.  The email, Twitter feed, and Facebook page are buried at the bottom of a very long landing page, but they are also accessible from the handy ‘Contact’ tab.

Here is our evaluation of the ampersandrew website broken down into categories:

Creativity: 3 stars. Black and white are minimalist and easy to work with, but an artist should have a little extra oomph. The portfolio is nice enough that we expected a little something extra in the website, but we were never able to find it.

Ease of use: 4 stars. Clicking on a link makes the page scroll quickly to the section that you are looking for, a trick that we have seen before but one that is not yet overused. However, the front page is a little overcrowded and may seem intimidating to people looking for a single piece of information. Still, the web page is well organized and accessible despite this critical flaw.

Functionality: 4 stars. As we mentioned above, the Twitter feed, email, and Facebook site are a little buried, but the tab makes them easy enough to find. It would make more sense to place these details at the top of the page where they are immediately accessible—many of the people who follow you don’t go to your website with that express purpose.

Content: 5 stars. Each piece of the portfolio is explained in detail, making it easy to understand the artist’s sense of style and unique process.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. While the website is a little dark and plain, a quick scroll through the portfolio reveals that this is congruent with the artist’s brand. Lightening it up a little might make it a less effective representative of the brand.

Overall: 4.2 stars. There is room for improvement, but the site is an overall winner.