Alzheimer’s Research UK Reaches Out With New Logo Design


UK design has always been known for simplicity and high style, although more ornate logos are certainly in fashion right now. However, a new logo design from Alzheimer’s Research UK shows that sometimes keeping it simple is the best practice.

The Alzheimer’s Research UK organization, once known as the Alzheimer’s Research Trust, recently changed names and developed a new brand identity that, it is hoped, will raise awareness of this devastating disease amongst people in the UK while also raising more funding. Although the disease affects 820,000 people in the country, research funds have remained low. Part of this is due to a lack of awareness, as many people with the disorder are unable to tell their story publicly and may even be unable to leave their homes.

The newly formed Alzheimer’s Research UK hopes to be more aggressive in increasing both awareness and funding for dementia research, and a new logo design is part of this push. The logo uses a combination of purple, a colour with royal connotations that is also seen commonly in health care logos, and grey. The grey is business-like and cool to give an official feeling to the image. Further, while the UK logo design uses somewhat friendly, rounded lettering, the lack of an image creates a professional and distinctly British sensibility.

Raising awareness is an essential part of raising funding for healthcare organisations. The Government tends to put money into research and treatments for diseases when this is demanded by the public. A good example of this principle is the disease HIV, another devastating epidemic in the UK. Increasing public awareness and outcry in the 1980’s led to a sharp increase in government support, and thus new and more effective treatments.

The name and strapline are somewhat long, but the wording is arranged to give a brief and powerful impression. This impact is essential in healthcare logos. Further, this simple logo design will allow easy recognition of the brand. In fact, the font is proprietary and thus can be used throughout the organization’s documents and marketing materials to increase brand recognition.

Healthcare logo design is important in the UK because there is competition both for patients and for government funding. Developing a logo design that is simple but powerful is a part of developing a brand with recognition power. Because this logo is simple enough to be used for years, or even decades, without appearing dated, it will add immensely to awareness of this organisation and hopefully to funding as well.

Whatever the type of brand you are trying to portray, professional logo design is the most important part of your visual package. Your logo will serve as your business’s crucial first impression and portray important facts about your brand in a language more powerful than words alone. If you are ready for a medical logo, or any logo for that matter, that raises awareness about your organisation’s brand, talk to a professional logo designer today.