Airtel Gets a New, Fluid Look


UK branding is known all over the world for excellence and attention to detail. In fact, London has been home to some of the world’s most recognized brands. The new logo design for global mobile service provider Airtel is the latest British logo makeover to hit the streets.

The old logo design for Airtel was functional, albeit a bit dated. The red and white colour palette is eye catching and dramatic, which is why is used so often in mobile logo design. However, the logo was extremely serious. The rectangular shapes and blocky letters gave a hard edged feeling that was not as attractive as many of the friendlier, rounder brands in the same industry. Would people choose an unfriendly brand where there were other alternatives? This logo design was simply not right for a mobile company that has been in constant expansion and shows signs of further growth in the future.

The new logo has its faults, but it is certainly a better choice than the old one. A new and brighter red is being used without the serious black accents to weigh it down. Entirely lower case letters and a more rounded, modern font have replaced the serious old writing. The result is a kinder, friendlier logo design that will attract the modern consumer.

The lettering is not the only change in this logo design; a new image has been added as well. This shape is abstract, a swirling loop that roughly seems to be a stylized letter A, although it has only the loosest connections to the letter. The curved shape adds to the friendly feeling of this new logo design while the swoosh-y shape gives it a feeling of movement and change that is essential for a company in this fast moving industry. The logo design is animated in many of the television and internet commercials for the company, adding a new and mobile dimension that was sorely needed.

This logo design is certain to help Airtel be more competitive, and it comes at a time when the company badly needs a professional logo that can resonate all over the globe. With an estimated 200 million customers spread over nineteen countries, Airtel is now the largest mobile carrier in India and the fifth largest on the globe. The new logo is being rolled out with several changes, including a free new ringtone created by the composer from Slumdog Millionaire.

While the old logo design was recognized throughout the world, it was clearly time for a British makeover. Does the UK logo design live up to the reputation that our country has earned throughout the globe? We think it does. This logo design will help Airtel reach out to its diverse and constantly expanding customer base while giving it a brand that can be recognized in a variety of media. If you need a UK logo design or branding makeover from a professional British logo designer, contact us today.