Airbus Unveils New Logo


While everyone has been buzzing about changes to the logo resulting from the United-Continental merger, another air travel related company has quietly made a few changes as well. Airbus recently announced a change in brand that will signify an entirely new brand as well.

In many ways, the new logo is similar to the old one. It still will have the familiar ball shape, but in an updated form. The deep blue is also the same, although the font is being changed to that of EADS, Airbus’s parent company. This represent the first logo change of any kind since the company was created more than forty years ago in 1969.

Not only is a circle a friendly and inclusive shape, but a ball also represents movement. This is an ideal shape for an air travel company of any sort, and it is good that Airbus kept it. This ball now will have two sets of wavy lines meeting at the middle. These also represent change, although the business suggests that they also symbolize the meeting of Airbus and its parent company.

The deep blue is another logo element that Airbus was right to keep. Not only is it reminiscent of the sky, a positive image for a company that makes airplanes, it also is calming and trustworthy. Because it is a key part of the Airbus brand identity, this will help loyal customers and fans to feel the continuity between the old brand identity and the new.

The new font is one of the major changes. This font is bold in thick, capital letters, which gives the company a feeling of strength that befits an industry leader. Moreover, few people want to fly on an airliner made by a second rate business, so this substantial feeling is essential to success. Hard edges and triangular shapes are businesslike and also add a feeling of strength, especially the triangular shaped letter A at the beginning of the word. Firth, tying into the new parent company by using the same font will help Airbus move into the future as a valued and valuable part of EADS, rather than maintaining the feeling of a stepchild.

While changing identity is even more difficult than changing a logo, there are a few things that companies such as Airbus can do to ease the transition. The first is to keep elements of the old brand that still resonate—and Airbus has already done this. Second, the new identity should be introduced publically and then slowly phased in. Airbus released this news publically, including a long explanation on the company webpage. Although the announcement has been somewhat overshadowed by other announcements in the industry, most notably the merger between United and Continental, it will be phased in slowly enough that the unaware will have plenty of time to get used to the idea. Advertising to introduce the new look is already being developed.

Airbus is showing how a professional business with good leadership and marketing staff introduce a new logo design and identity. If you are interested in making a similar transition at your own company, large or small, consult a logo design and branding consultant today.