Age UK Offers One Stop Help for the Aged


With the aged making up a growing percentage of the population, hundreds of organizations in the UK and all over the globe have been stepping up to the challenge of helping the elderly. However, this can sometimes create confusion both among donors looking for the best cause to support and among needy people who aren’t sure which of the hundreds of names out there will help them. Age UK offers a solution, combining well known elderly charities Age Concern and Help the Aged into one bundle that eventually will have all of the information that the needy elderly are seeking.

Age UK offers a website with a recognizable logo that guides the elderly and their caregivers in finding assistance for health care, heating bills, caregivers, and just about every other need. In addition, the organization is working with HelpAge International to assist the elderly all around the world. Thanks to support from generous donors all over the world, the aged in the UK and 40 developing countries are enjoying a higher standard of living with the help of this and other organizations.

The logo design for Age UK does an excellent job of showing this organization’s altruistic aims. The blue lettering is trustworthy and calming, implying correctly that this company will solve problems. A combination of lower and upper case writing balances the serious with the informal, creating an approachable but authoritative overall image that is perfect for this organization. A looped ribbon implies fluidity and ease of movement, while the multiple colours imply that several different organizations are represented by this logo. The pink and orange colours are identical to those of HelpAge International, subtly tying this organization to its international partner. This charity logo design may be simple, but it correctly imparts important information about Age UK.

Neither Age Concern nor Help the Aged had professional logo designs of this quality, so it is likely that Age UK will soon surpass its parent organizations in both renown and in the number of people helped. This means more elderly people in the UK and around the world getting the help that they need, a cause that we can all support without reservation. While success for a business means expansion and profit, success for a charity organization means increased community support and people helped.

Believe it or not, the good logo design principles used to create this logo can be applied to one from just about any field. Colour, shape, and font are all very important elements that a professional logo designer knows how to use to your company’s best advantage. Balance and symmetry ensure that the logo is attractive, while the designers knowledge of your market contributes to a result unique to your business and your target audience. The same way this logo design perfectly suits this UK organization, you can have a logo that is exactly what your company needs to get ahead. Contact a logo designer today to find out more information.