Adventures in Logo Design


Popular chain Adventure Bar recently rebranded all four of its locations, and all signs indicate that other changes are in store for the brand as well. Adventure Bar is known for being a fun drinking establishment frequented by younger adults. The brand has grown in popularity over the past few years, opening up their fourth bar recently. This made it prime time for a redesign.

The former logo design involved the name of the bar written in rounded upper case letters with the image of a colourful concoction in a martini glass. This was not by any means a ‘bad’ logo; it was sleek and modern, and it featured the item being sold by the establishment (cocktails, that is). On the other hand, brand differentiation is one of the most important goals for a bar logo design, or any logo representing the hospitality business for that matter. People need to know why they should choose Adventure Bar over the many other establishments in the area. This logo did not address that issue at all.

The new brand offers a more differentiation to be sure. Adventure Bar is known for several house cocktails that are named after animals, with colourful names such as the Monkey Midget Briefcase and the London Mule. These have been incorporated into the company website and into all brand materials. The animals are made of black and white photographs on a background of a bright red and a light, bright blue, a colour palette that has been made the basis for the logo.

The logo design has a similar form to the old one, with a few modern changes. First, the new colour palette is in place. Second, the martini glass is still part of the design, but it has been redrawn to be more playful and cartoonish. The font has been redrawn as well, in blocky letters with inserted lines that match the theme of the martini glass. The writing and image is placed in white over a red bar in the background, which itself is in front of a blue triangle.

The animals have been made the centre of the website, which is important because the drinks named for these characters are some of the more popular ones at the establishment. There are also rumours that Adventure Bar will soon begin offering food, a rumour which is supported by a poll on the company website asking whether they should do so. This is significant because many pubs are finding that offering food is a lucrative source of income as well as a great way to expand the brand.

If you are interested in stopping into an Adventure Bar near you, there are locations in Covent Garden, Clapham Junction, Balham and East Dulwich. Let us know what that Monkey Midget Briefcase tastes like. If you are a business owner looking for the same sort of success that Adventure Bar is enjoying, consider having a professional brand and logo design developed for your own establishment.