A UK Logo Design with Brains


If you are fond of artisan beers and ales, you are probably familiar with the Welsh brewer Brains. This company offers several different cask ales that offer traditional Welsh brewing to a modern UK audience. They are a favourite among many, in business since 1882.

The old UK brewery logo design was very attractive. The dragon is a common Welsh symbol, so it was an important part of the logo. In the logo design, it was seen striding confidently across a curved surface, just above the word “Brains.” The name of the company was written in bold upper case lettering, usually shown with a slight curve. The packaging varied according to the product, but black, red and metallic gold were the most common colour palette and seen on pretty much all media.

This was a fine logo design, but it was not very modern. In fact, it had been in use since 2002; that is, for almost ten years. This is a long run for a logo design in such a rapidly changing industry. The company and the core market have both changed a lot in that decade, which means that the logo design should change as well.

The new logo design features the look of a shield, although it has been somewhat flattened to fit neatly at the top of packaging. The dragon is still present, although it has been made smaller. The font and curve of the company name remains completely unchanged. In the new packaging, the name and attributes of the ale take centre stage, in bold white lettering that dominate the logo design. Most notably, the gold elements have been switched to a sleek and modern metallic silver tone, and the entire logo is circled by a dragon’s tail.

Richard Davies, the sales and marketing director of Brains, explained the changed in a recent press release. “With more interest and competition in the category, we felt the time was right to modernise.” The new design was unveiled last week at the Great British Beer Festival in Earl Court, London. It will be used first on pump taps, with other aspects of the brand making the switch gradually. The change in brand will be gentle and gradual to retain the existing brand equity.

Sometimes rebranding is necessary even if you already have a really great UK logo design. Even if your business has remained the same, you can bet that your market and your industry are changing. Logos are created not just to represent your company, but to appeal to your consumers. Change in the consumer base demands change in your marketing.

Is your UK logo design just perfect for your consumer base? It is important to occasionally step back and assess your brand from the viewpoint of a customer. You are constantly gaining new competition, which means that you must work harder to rise above them. A professionally designed UK brand and logo are an essential part of long term success for your UK business.