A Sweet Logo Design


UK logo design is known for being simple and compelling, but many modern logos are falling short of the mark. This is why we in the design field are so happy when a truly great new logo hits the market. Although Sheffield Honey is a small, local brand, the logo is a great example of classic British design.

The logo image in in the basic shape of a hexagon, a shape usually associated with industry and science. However, in this case it refers directly to the shape of a honeycomb. The drip shape at the top is similarly obvious. One thing that we really like about this UK logo design is the colour palette; the designer has avoided clichés in using a sleek and modern grey and black palette instead of the warm golden colours that we expected.

In an era where rounded, friendly fonts seem to be the norm, this company has established itself as an industry leader in using thicker upper case letters. This will set the company apart and definitely make it stand out on a gift shop or grocery store shelf.

We have a few criticisms; it is always easy to find fault with someone else’s work, after all. The spacing between the rows of lettering feels a little off, especially when compared to how close the words “Sheffield” and “honey” are placed. There is a mechanical, industrial feeling that is probably produced by the hexagonal shape; this might have been softened by other elements, but in its current incarnation it feels a little harsh. In addition, the shape might have been made more relevant to honey by repeating it as a pattern. However, in general, this is a very nice logo, and it has the stark simplicity that has long been associated with UK design despite being somewhat rare in modern times.

One other thing that we like about this logo is that is has a light feeling that will reflect well on the product. There is nothing heavy or syrupy about it. Is it just us, or has UK logo design gotten a little heavy and over-detailed lately? Unfortunately, while the logo is a huge part of the brand, it does not seem to be incorporated into the product packaging. As you can see from the photograph, the packaging bears the company name alone, awkward spacing and all.

The simple nature of this logo will make it easy to update when the company decides to do so. A little colour could be added, or that repeating honeycomb pattern that we mentioned. This design is simple enough to be a timeless element of the brand even as products and markets change over the years.

Simplicity is something that modern people strive for, especially in the UK. However, simplicity in design seems to be lacking. If you are trying to reach out to a modern market and differentiate your local UK brand from others, a logo such as this one just might be the answer. People in the UK are very sensitive to the brands and logos around them, so it is important to have a design that represents your business perfectly.