A Softer, Friendlier Logo for Milliken


If you haven’t heard of Milliken, you probably will never need to. However, regardless of your interest in the company, there is one good reason to care about the company’s logo design. The Milliken logo is changing, and the change is in many ways representative of a current change in the logo design industry: from substantial, blocky logos that signify power and strength to curvier ones that are friendly and calming.

You can almost feel the years breeze by just looking at the two logos. On one hand, we have the blocky Milliken logo design from before. In all capital letters and simply black, it seems to be the most serious logo we have ever seen. Three nested triangles make a letter M, and lines throughout the M add yet more of a business-y feel. This logo may be serious, but it is also strong and masculine. It dominates a page and lets all viewers know that this company is in a no-frills, no joke kind of industry.

On the other hand, there is the new logo.  In a clear blue, it feels trustworthy and calming. It is personal as well, with the script resembling a signature. The writing is rounded and bubbly, giving a friendly feeling.

Milliken is a no-nonsense kind of business—they create carpet and floor covering, specialty materials, and chemicals. This is not a small business by any means, but an employer of 7000 people in 39 sites around the world. These facts may make the old, more serious logo design seem more appropriate.

While the logos may seem like night and day, the new logo is as large a part of the business as the old one. You see, the logo is based on the signature of the late Roger Milliken, the second president and son of the founder of the company. He was known for sending handwritten notes to people, including employees. Many employees of that era have saved some of his thoughtful notes all these years. This personal touch is one of the factors that defined Milliken.

Roger Milliken’s signature is a personal touch that has defined the company for years. As such, a logo design was created from it; in fact, an entirely new font, called “Thank You”, was designed from it.

Not only does this new logo feel personal and relate to the company history, it also has a creative side that is a good match with the goals of the company. After all, this company is not just a producer but an innovator as well. The logo design also gives the company a chance to share their lore and even to make it part of the brand. If the personal touch of Roger Milliken can be replicated throughout the company, it will be a pleasant place to do business indeed. The newer logo is still serious and corporate, but it is a more modern and more approachable choice.