A Second Look at Keyword Density and SEO


Keyword density has always been an important part of search engine optimization, and at one time it was the most important part. These were the glory days of SEO, when optimizing a website was as easy as placing a few carefully chosen phrases in key parts of a web page. This can still be a good strategy, but it should be the only strategy. Here are a few things you need to know about ecommerce websites, keyword density, and search engine optimization.

What Search Engines Care About

There was a time when search engines looked mainly at keywords as a percentage of your text, and little else mattered. Those days are over, my friend. The ever smarter search engine bots will take into account the age of your website, the links, the anchor text of these links, and more. More importantly, they will look at the language around your keywords and see how it relates to your keyword phrases. In fact, this just may be the most important part of your website’s search engine ranking: not the keywords themselves, but the wording placed near them.

Keywords and Relevant Text

Your keyword phrases will be given more weight when they are surrounded by language that search engine bots recognize as being relevant to them. If this text is present in tags, titles, and anchor text, all the better. This means that the best way to improve your ranking is to increase your ratio of relevant to irrelevant text. Streamlining is more difficult than throwing keywords around. However, while this makes SEO difficult for the legitimate ecommerce owner, it makes it nearly impossible for a less legitimate enterprise. That is why these changes are being made in the first place.

A Not-So-Easy Answer for Ecommerce Website Owners

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are no easy answers. In fact, an SEO expert that claims that they can improve your ranking quickly and drastically is likely either a scammer or using black hat techniques. Improving the search engine rank of your website is a long and arduous process that must be modified every year or so when Google decides to change the rules altogether. However, as search engine bots get smarter, you can bet that quality text will continue to increase in importance when it comes to search engine optimization.

What about SEO Software and Tools?

Before purchasing any software or tools dedicated to determining the rank of your website and helping you improve it, you should find out how old the software is and what time frame in Google’s history it is optimizing for. Unfortunately, most SEO tools are older and will not be much help with the newer, smarter search engine bot. 

While the new search engine algorithms are not any better at finding and ranking relevance, they are much better at finding and marking irrelevance. Getting rid of the less legitimate websites can reduce your competition for the first few pages of results. In addition, it is certainly possible to build an ecommerce website with SEO power under the new rules.