A Rebranding Success Story

By Mash Bonigala

Is your business stuck in a recession rut? If so, you may be interested in this rebranding success story. Infinity Studios, a website dedicated to Asian animation and graphic novels, was languishing in its corner of the internet when a rebranding consultant stepped in and changed things up.

Jay Chung, owner of the Richmond, CA based website, knew that his site had immense potential. He had a particular type of website in mind. First, the site needed to be appealing to his target market of teenaged and young adult males. Chung wanted a site where people could visit repeatedly and feel like they belonged. This led to very specific design needs. First, the website needed to be attractive to this younger, more tech-savvy audience. Second, the site needed to be easy to change and easy to update, allowing the website owner to keep new information coming at a rate that would encourage repeat visitors.

With these specifications in mind, Chung met with several design studios to find the one that was right for him. He settled on one that, while not the cheapest, seemed to understand his industry. The staff was comprised of young males who had a real interest in the subject, so Chung knew that they could design a website with definite appeal.

The selected design studio began by getting to know the market. They went to conventions, fan websites, and other anime geared venues to get to know the unique needs of the genre. Fans of Japanese animation tend to be tech-savvy consumers who are on the web several times a day, so the designers knew that they need to put in the additional work and make every element count.

The decision was to create a Flash-based site with visual extras that would impress and entice the tech-savvy fan base. With little extras such as menus that dance when selected, the new site would be a visual feast, full of fun features, amusing features, and up-to-date information on anime. Other elements, such as book covers that enlarge when a cursor is passed over them, made the website easier to navigate for people who, for instance, are looking for a particular book.

The web design company conducted research on what colors would be most effective for the savvy anime market, and these were made a core part of the brand. Everything from stationery to packaging was coordinated with the core brand for a more comprehensive overall picture. The former logo was redesigned to match the new website.

Special attention was paid to ease of use for the employees of Infinity Studios. Because the genre requires constant updating as well as processing a large amount of orders, the only way for the company to make it through their rebranding and subsequent expansion was to have every process be made as streamlined as possible.

A few years after the branding change, Infinity Studios couldn’t be happier with the change. The newly branded website and company has seen a steady increase both in traffic and in sales. This rebranding success story is just one example of what a graphic designer can do for you.