A Newer New Logo Design for Skoda


Skoda Auto adopted a new logo design last spring, one that was talked and written about extensively in the logo design community. The name of the auto maker was moved outside the circle, allowing the winged arrow image to fill the shape. In addition, the green was changed from a natural leafy hue to a proprietary Skoda green that is a little more modern and definitely brighter. The circle was changed from flat to slightly bevelled, especially around the edges.

Because changing a brand takes time, the new logo design is gradually being introduced in the UK. We have begun to see it on autos and dealerships, and it definitely has a cleaner, more modern design when placed on vehicles and signage. However, the new logo is already being replaced.

Auto logos don’t tend to change as often as those of other genres. Because many people have definite brand preferences when it comes to this large purchase, it just does not make sense to changes things constantly. While there are industries in which it is normal to change packaging, logo design and other visual brand aspects, this is not one of them.

The newer new logo is very similar to the old. In fact, it may be not so much a new logo design as a cleaner version of the old one. The writing seems to be a little different, just a little less flat. In addition, the hyper shininess of the old logo has been toned down just a little. The shine was just too much; it was so glossy it was unrealistic, and the light seemed to be coming from several different directions. The bevels seem to be changed as a bit as well, again to a more realistic looking incarnation. We definitely like the new version better than the old one, and we bet most people in the UK will agree—if they notice the difference at all. The image, the colour and the basic shape of the design have been kept fundamentally the same.

This is really the best way of dealing with a logo design fail. Instead of completely revamping the image, basically admitting defeat, the company has chosen to rework the logo and maintain their brand as much as possible. Skoda is changing the problems in execution without changing any of the more salient aspects of the brand. The new logo design began to replace the old one a few weeks ago, and it is already quietly taking over in the UK.

If your UK logo design is simply not working, this may be a good way of approaching the issue. Sometimes you will need a completely new design; other times, just a few changes will be necessary in order to correct the problem. It is important to make the correct decision in this and all branding dilemmas. A professional UK logo designer can work with you to determine how many changes and exactly which changes are necessary.