A New UK Space Agency Logo Is Unveiled


The British government is finally joining the space age by opening a new UK space agency as well as an international space centre. Like any government agency, this momentous new endeavour needed a logo design to represent its worthy cause, one that incorporated a distinctly British flavour with the space age technology that such an agency requires. The result is a logo design that is attractive, professional, and more than a little familiar to Dr. Who fans.

This logo design uses the best principles of graphic design and branding. The use of the colours and relative shapes of the Union Jack ensures that all who view the image know which country it belongs to. The use of Gill Sans for the font further ties into the British theme, as this seems to be the unofficial font of the UK, especially when it comes to government agencies. An upward pointing arrow implies that the new space agency is aiming for the stars and taking the country in an entirely new direction, a meaning made especially clear by the use of powerful red for this shape. These are all powerful messages that are communicated clearly to anyone who views this logo design.

This logo design was intended to be uniquely British and forward thinking, and it certainly fits the bill. However, it is strikingly similar to another image that many of us are familiar with: the logo used in the television programme Dr. Who’s British Rocket Group. This group was featured on a Dr. Who Christmas special just a few years ago and continues to be shown on official websites.

Although the logo designers naturally insist that any similarity is a coincidence, there certainly is an undeniable resemblance between the two. However, the similarity was likely an accident. The logo design team maintains that any combination of the Union Jack flag and a space theme is going to have many of these similarities, which seems like a plausible explanation. Regardless of the reason, Dr. Who fans all over the country are going to be thrilled to see their favourite programme represented in an official government context.

Because the Dr. Who agency is not real and therefore not a competitor with the UK Space Agency, the similarities are amusing but harmless. It is unlikely that the two agencies would ever be confused or that legal proceedings would have to settle who is the rightful owner of the logo design. Further, because only Dr. Who fans would recognize the fictional logo, it is highly likely that this is simply a humorous accident, one that many UK citizens will never be aware of.

All coincidences aside, this is a great example of an attractive and communicative technology logo design. If your company needs a similar—but not too similar—logo design to build your own brand, contact a professional branding and logo design consultant today.