A New Itinerary for Travel Network


The Travel Channel is one of the best-known cable networks in the United States, but you would never know it from the logo design. The old travel logo left a lot to be desired. While a globe is definitely relevant to any kind of travel-related business, the lower case T had nothing to do with the business. Further, the orange color did not seem like a great choice because it tends to be a youthful color (think of its use in Nickelodeon). The writing below the image is as generic as could be, with no character and no identifying characteristics.

The new Travel Channel logo may not be perfect, but it is an improvement over the old. Instead of an image that makes little sense, the new logo has a text-only design that suits the adult feeling of the channel. However, ‘adult’ does not have to mean overly serious or corporate; lower case lettering and a sky-blue color have created a clean, informal feeling that will appeal to the armchair traveler. Further, the blue color is reminiscent of blue skies and clear seas, two things that people like to see while on vacation.

The new font is not exactly the most original that we have seen, but it is rounded and modern in feel. We are a little tired of the lower case, sans serif typefaces, but obviously, America is not because a new one seems to come out almost every day. It has a few interesting aspects—we like the general shape of the T, and the way the bottom of the E mirrors the serifs on the T and the L. The capital letters in the word ‘channel’ offset the first word nicely.

Since its beginnings in 1987, the Travel Channel has been through many identities and just as many owners. It was recently bought by Scripps media, which may be the reason behind the new brand. The new logo design has been showed in certain advertisements, but it has only recently been introduced officially on the channel website.

The new logo is probably not really noteworthy on its own, but it is a huge improvement over the former identity. The logo design seems to be part of an entirely new marketing campaign, so we will wait eagerly to see the brand ‘filled out’ a little. While the logo itself seems a little bland, it could be part of an otherwise interesting branding move. For instance, the logo is plain enough to be shown with good recognition above a photo of a more exciting place.

As with all rebranding, this change may signal new and exciting moves for the Travel Channel. Programming such as Man v. Food is fun, but not really relevant to the name and the intent. We look forward to seeing other changes that the Travel Channel makes so we can more fully weigh in on the progress of the new brand.