A Monstrous Identity


The app market is getting hotter than ever, which makes branding and logo design even more important for this industry. However, this is a market with unique needs. An app logo design must be more than professional and expressive—it must be fun and enticing as well. People must feel compelled to click on it when browsing the app store, where choices abound. If you are looking for a good example of this principle, consider MunchaCruncha.

MunchaCruncha is an app that allows users to find a meal deal anywhere in the Melbourne, Australia area with their smartphones. You can search by price, location, type of food, and more; the deals are uploaded and categorized by the restaurants themselves. While it is not available in the United States just yet, we suspect that the business model and brand will soon spread to our side of the Pacific. Anyway, it is easy to see a logo design for a business such as this one being cliché or even boring, but instead just the opposite has happened.

The MunchaCruncha logo is awesome—it is one of the best we have seen this year outside of the masterpieces leaving our desk every day. It was designed by Lucas Melbourne. The red background stands out easily and also is related to food service, which tends toward red and yellow colors. A monster seems like an unlikely choice for a logo character, but it is friendly and (thanks to Cookie Monster) feels related to eating. Further, supplemental materials show the monster carved from a variety of foods, showcasing the variety that this brand offers.

One thing we love about this logo design is that the designers were not afraid to be bold. From the red background to the monster itself, originality was embraced here. Luckily, in this case the fun brand will entice app viewers into becoming customers. Indeed, it is easy to fall in love with the little critter. There just aren’t enough monster logo designs out there!

This year seems to be the year of the boring logotype, which is another reason we think this logo design is outstanding. The logotype is rounded and friendly (appropriate for both the brand and the times), but the upper case letters give it a comic book quality and add a touch of seriousness at the same time.  The writing is simple enough that it can be modified easily to make the C look like it is biting into the rest of the word ‘Crunch’ without being too busy or, alternately, cheesy.

2011 is the year to think outside the box when it comes to logo design. We are seeing many logos that are the same old-same old, but an astonishing number that are unique and thought-provoking as well. Customers are not only willing to give an unusual or highly personal brand a chance; they are actually eager to do so. If you wonder how you can make your brand stand out from the pack, talk to a professional logo designer today.