A Logo for Everything?

By Mash Bonigala

Just when you thought there was a logo for everything… you find out that even school toilets will soon have one as well. The Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors Association (CPHVA) is supporting the concept of a new award to be given to schools that maintain clean and sanitary toilet facilities. This award, of course, will come with a logo mark that can be displayed to show parents, students, and the community the school’s dedication to cleanliness.

School loos are notoriously bad, with 160 of the schools in a recent study admitting to having unsanitary bathrooms. Other research seems to support this; forty per cent of students in secondary school believe their bathrooms are too dirty to use. Thirty eight per cent of girls of all ages will not use their school toilets because of cleanliness issues. If school toilets are really that bad, it could pose a public health issue for the millions of children all over the UK that use them almost every day.

Most people acknowledge the need for change in school toilet cleanliness, but few organizations have taken the time to demand better conditions—until now. The CPHVA aims to change this, partnering with British Toilet Association and the Schools Council UK. Together, these organizations are holding a campaign to improve school facilities known as the Bog Standard Campaign.

What’s in it for schools who want to participate? In addition to being able to use the logo of the campaign, signifying that they have acceptably tidy and well stocked toilets, schools that meet minimum standards will receive an award and a certificate of recognition. The standards are minimal, requiring that toilets be clean and in working order with adequate amounts of necessary supplies such as toilet tissue. We can only hope that schools all over the UK clean up their act enough to reach these most basic criteria.

If you think your local school meets these standards, it can go to the bog standards website and apply for the award. The logo design in question is rather simple, in an inclusive circular shape enclosing the well recognized icons of men’s and women’s toilets in the centre. The icons are pink and blue to further suggest the two genders. The white background is clean, which is definitely appropriate considering what the logo signifies, and the colours of the British flag are used as secondary colors in the writing. The text is rounded but maintains a serious feeling that befits the subject. In short, while this logo design is not exactly the most creative one we have seen, it clearly expresses what it represents without being crude or comical.

Whatever your business or organization, it has never been so important to have a logo design that is appropriate and completely unique. A logo works overtime when it comes to representing your company, telling everyone who views it exactly what you are all about. Even British school toilets are getting their own logo design—don’t be the last business left without one!