A Logo Design ‘Within Reach’


We are always arguing that professional logo design is within reach of everyone, and a new logo seems to agree with us. However, this is purely accidental, as the logo and the ‘it’s all within reach’ tagline are both part of a new brand for Gannett Media.

You probably have not heard of Gannett Media, but you have probably heard of one of the many newspapers and television channels that they own such as USA Today (and about eight other newspapers). Gannett Media in fact has one of the newspaper circulations in the United States in addition a large number of websites and local television stations.

The old logo is reminiscent of old school media designs, in black and white with connected letters to refer to the connections media makes with the people who access it. The globe is also a common image seen in media logo design. The new logo is a definite improvement, with plain lettering in a font that is distinctive but not particular to any field. The blue is corporate and rather universal as well. A super-corporation such as this one that encompasses many smaller brands has to be rather generic.

Further, the company has adopted a new tagline: It’s all within reach. This refers to the many different media owned by Gannett as well as the way these media put information in the hands of the people who access them.

This logo is intended to be used in a ‘business to business’ context. It will only rarely interact with the general public. If it seems a little ‘corporate’, well, it needs to be so.

There’s not a whole lot to say about the new identity, but Gannett has somehow found a way. This logo design has received national attention not so much for the design itself, but for the 100 pages of guidelines for its usage. In addition to this novel of regulations, there are branding videos and other information available on the internet. Obviously Gannett is very invested in this logo and intends for it to be used only in a company-approved manner!

This seems excessive, but it is actually not that unusual. While people outside the branding and marketing world may raise an eyebrow or two at the amount of rules for the use of this very, very simple logo design, it is important for companies to protect their image the way they would protect any other asset. Gannett’s logo will be used in a variety of applications, including in the logos of the many newspapers and media brands that the company owns. A few rules are necessary. 100 pages? Maybe not, but vigilance never killed anyone.

How are you protecting your logo design and brand? Good logo design is certainly in reach of businesses large and small, but these designs only work when they are used consistently and in the intended manner. You don’t probably need a 100 page book to guide your brand, but you should talk to a logo designer about how to make your design as effective as possible.