A Kinder, Gentler Power Company


NIE Energy is one of the top electricity companies in Northern Ireland and recognized throughout the UK. Soon, however, this well-recognized brand will be a thing of the past. NIE energy is changing their name, their UK logo design, their brand, and just about every other recognizable part of their corporation.

The new name for this business will be Power NI. A strapline has been introduced as well: “Your Kind of Energy.” Last, the logo design has been changed to make for a completely new brand.

The old logo for the company featured three vertical slanted lines of increasing thickness, the last one attached to three horizontal lines to form an E. We suppose that the lines were meant to spell out NIE, but they just… don’t. This is only the beginning of the puzzling elements; the first word of the name is written in upper case, thick letters while the second is in thin lower case lettering. The only thing that makes sense in this logo is the blue, which is a serious, business-like colour that befits a company in this field.

The new logo design keeps the benefits from the old logo design—that is, the corporate blue—while introducing a friendlier, more likeable brand. Gone are the confusing mix of colours; instead, we see all lower case letters in a rounded sans serif font that feels informal and personable. The business name and the strapline are written in the same font, reducing the confusion of the former logo. A shape in the upper right hand corner adds interest in the form of a bold, multi-coloured sun. The colours of this sun are cool and calming to add to the customer-friendly brand. The sun usually connotes energy; this sun does it in a less glaring, less fiery way.

The old logo design just didn’t make a lot of sense. The new one, on the other hand, forms the foundation for a powerful brand. While Power NI may not have a lot of competition in the areas in which it operates, but a customer friendly logo design and brand is still essential in the modern world. This UK logo design is showing how rebranding can create an entirely different perception of a company. When you compare the way you feel when looking at the two logos, there is a noticeable difference.

This leads us to a question with which many companies in the rebranding process are faced: how do you introduce a new UK brand that is completely different from the old? The two names and logos will be used together (right alongside each other) for a short transition period beginning in late July. Once customers in Northern Ireland have adjusted to the change, the old logo design will be dropped completely.

This UK logo design will be seen all over Northern Ireland in just a few short weeks. NIE Energy—or Power NI, depending on the month—supplies 95 percent of homes in this area, which totals more than 700,000 homes.