A Goal Oriented Logo Design


Most of the time you see that small businesses get logos that are just graphic images. They do not convey any message and are poorly thought out. Just because a business is small does not mean that their company logo design should be shoddy.

Every logo design should have a goal. You might argue that every logo does, other wise why would people get a logo created in the first place. I agree with that. “Goal” here means a message. The message of the logo should be aimed at a specific section of the audience – the so called “target market”.

To do that you would have understand a few basic things.

First of all every company should have a core value system. Even if you plan on selling your company down the line. It is the core belief system that defines what the company. Even though companies are built for the purpose of profit, there are other factors also which influence the creation and nurturing of companies. Profit alone does not justify the passion with which companies are built and run. Every company should identify what these core values are. Yes, this does require a crucial business skillset. They should take a step back and take a long hard look at the various issues that motivate the company or its leaders. These factors are a very good indication of the kind of message the company logo needs to show in order to effectively communicate with the target audience.

A logo they say is like the face of a company. Some times it is the only thing that gives potential customers an impression about the company and either prompts them to do business or not to do business with you. To create the right impression you need to think of what the customer wants. Benefits are more important than features and it is these benefits that must be distilled and turned into a visual form and poured into your logo design.

Most people underestimate the significance of how a logo can effect the buying decision of customers. A logo can create the impression of trust or it can do the opposite. It can give the impression of a big company or it might may your company look shoddy and cheap. Put yourself in your customers shoes and see what would motivate you. Look at some of your competitor’s logos and see what they communicate to you as a customer.

Have an open mind and try to form an honest opinion. Does a competitor’s logo work well? Do you feel it makes you want to buy from them? If so then you should try and analyze what element of the logo design is creating this impression.

Look at your current logo and ask yourself weather the logo truly represent your company. Does it communicate any thing at all? Is it right for you target market?