A Few Things Web Audience Dislike


When creating a web site one of the main concerns is the ease of use. Most people have gone to a website design they heard about from a friend or coworker and been confused by the poor organization or structure of the links. The content may have been worth the work, but the site would likely have a stronger following if people could find what they were looking for with greater ease.

Web audience can be a little like young children. They like things that are both exciting and strait forward. Keep the web design simple so that people don’t have to think about the browsing of the site, they can think about the content instead. Creating a site that is interesting and exciting but not easily navigated is tiring for the browser and takes the emphasis away from content.

Suppose some one did an internet search for rare book collecting and was greeted with five very promising websites. The person clicks on the first link and finds the site very interesting. Enjoying the lay out he begins to looks through the site but the listings for the particular books he is interested in are not easy to find. After about two minutes he leaves for another site.

That is a scenario that can happen to any type of website, large or small. Web audience want things to be quick and easy. They turn away from a site that they have to put real effort into going through as a normal rule. This of course leads to lower revenue.

Shoddy website design may sound like a great way to save a few dollars, but ultimately it will cost both time and money. Poor website design due to time constraints seldom saves money in the long run. This is because web users, after checking out site they may be interested in, will not go back if the site does not run well.

A few things that quick and shoddy design can do to you are as follows. First, incomplete content drives most people crazy. When we click on a link, we want it to work, we strongly dislike “Web Page Under Construction” the same way we dislike road construction. So prior to site launch, make sure it all works properly.

Second, people are impatient. If you put out a deadline for a new area of a website, make sure it is as close to that date as possible. If it isn’t, be sure to have an acknowledgment which is plainly visible. An incredible annoyance is to check out a new site, click on a link that says “Coming May 23 2008” sometime in 2010 and see the “Web Page Under Construction” page.

Lastly I would like to address cheap looking pages. It’s fine to have a family page that is very simple and strait forward, nothing fancy or extraordinary. On the other hand, if this is part of your business strategy, it should look like every pixel has been placed for a specific purpose. There are millions of websites out there, many of them going after your audience, so make your stand out.

In closing I would just like to comment that it doesn’t matter what type of site you are constructing, if it’s for making money make sure you would shop there first. That is in the end, what matters, that we are proud of our work.