A Complicated Logo for a Complicated Business


If you are in need of some serious change in your life, a life coach might be the answer. Most of us are on vaguely familiar with this industry and are unsure of exactly what would be offered by these professionals. This makes logo design and branding all the more important for a life coach business. Not only must the logo communicate important information about the brand, it has to communicate exactly what benefits the industry has to offer.

The Life Detectives, a Cornwall based life coaching service, has introduced a new logo design intended to do just this. The logo is rather complicated, featuring twelve squares with cartoons and wording describing the areas that life coaching is created to help. The cartoons have a retro feeling, as do the somewhat muted colours in the logo.

The logo was designed to go with the detective theme, using colours that dominate older detective novels. The twelve areas represent the twelve different areas of the twelve week course offered by the business. Because this graphic is too complicated to be rendered well in small scale, there is a secondary graphic. We were unable to get a hold of a copy, although it is described as a detective’s magnifying glass that has been modified to also resemble a question mark. This image ties into the name and also to the questions that clients have about their lives.

This logo and visual identity walks a fine line between friendly and serious, retro and modern. It will look good on a website, on business cards, and on materials put out by the company. In short, while it is extremely unconventional for UK logo design, it is just perfect for this Cornwall company. There is an undeniable element of fun that will make this business much more approachable.

This identity and the website built around it are slated to go public next month. We expect that they will be very successful due to the friendly and self-explanatory brand.

There are several lessons to be gleaned from this brand. First, if you are in a business that does not fall under conventional categories, branding and logo design can be a great way of explaining your industry to clients. Often, pictures say much more than words. As you can see in this example, colours and images can be very effective in communicating with your customer base.

Second, modern UK logo design does not have to be conventional. While there are certainly rules, sometimes they truly are meant to be broken. The only way that you can know whether you are a good candidate for an outside-the-box logo design is to talk to a professional designer who has experience with the UK market.

Last, your logo design should be the basis of a brand. As we can see with this logo design, your brand needs to be part of your logo but also your business model and your products or services. This fact is so important that you need to keep this in mind throughout the entire logo design, branding and marketing process.