A Better World by Design 2010


Can good design change the world? A design conference in Rhode Island seems to think so. This conference offers people from every niche in the design community a chance to learn about innovations in the design community, share ideas, and get to know other people with similar interests.

The event, which lasts for three days and is set in Rhode Island, offers a mixture of presentations, workshops, lectures and discussions to help bring together the design community as a whole. The emphasis is on changing communities, renew our environment, and alter tired patterns of thinking through better design, as the name suggests.

One would expect a conference based on design to have a superior logo design, and this one certainly seems to fit this tall order. The image is of a large globe made from dots in different sizes and colors. If you look closely, the blue and green colors are patterned to resemble our very own globe, tying into the environmental aspirations of the conference. Purple and yellow provide islands of bright color and optimism in this image. Further, the use of several different elements to create a single whole is directly representative of the social goals of this conference and the fact that people from different industry niches and geographical areas are represented here.

While this dotty motif is more than a little trendy in both graphic and logo design, it should be noted that this logo is only being used in 2010. That makes trendy motifs perfectly appropriate and even ideal, as they represent the unique sentiments of our times.

The words ‘a better world’ are written below in lower case letters that coordinate with the image in a calming deep blue. The words ‘by design’ are positioned below in smaller letters in a slightly lighter shade of blue. It seems significant that the emphasis is first on creating a better world, with design in a distant second place. The year is written in large letters, although the trendy dot motif will likely date the image to approximately this era anyway.

Logo designs can be advantageous for a variety of events. They help to define and refine the goals, and advertise these goals to would-be attendees. Further, a visual identity can be used in different event materials to help tie them into the event itself. It is easy to see the A Better World by Design 2010 logo looking good on signage, invitations, nametags, and a variety of event materials.

If you are thinking about having an event in the near future, you should talk to a logo designer about designing a logo and a visual identity for your occasion. Not only will you end up with a logo, you will have a color palette, a font, and a well defined event ‘personality’. Logos don’t just represent organizations; they help to sell them and even to explain them to the rest of the world. This type of visual marketing is one of the most powerful types, a force to be reckoned with in a world flooded with images and events vying for our attention.