A Beautiful Restaurant Website


A Beautiful Restaurant Website – Most restaurants now have websites, and some even have CSS websites. However, few have exceptionally well-designed websites that build their brand. This is unfortunate for the restaurants that are missing it.

Oakley Fayre is not missing it. This beautiful restaurant website is simple and has most of the information that customers are seeking. In addition, it appears to be an attempt to branch out into e-commerce. The restaurant is now offering ‘hampers’, which are gift baskets, filled with local treats. They are offering international shipping and payment options, suggesting that Oakley Fayre is ready to take their locally acclaimed restaurant to a global market.

Website Reviewed: Oakley Fayre

Website URL: http://www.oakleyfayre.com/

Is this brand ready for the globe? We think it is. The logo design and brand of this CSS website are beautiful and distinctly Irish. They will appeal to people looking for a taste of Ireland. In addition, they do not compromise the brand of the core restaurant. In fact, this brand only enhances it.

The gift hampers seem to occupy a relatively small part of the website, which is unfortunate considering that they are the sole money maker of the internet presence. We also would like to see a little more about the restaurant, which forms the core of the brand. This website does a great job representing the brand, but it just does not say enough about the components that make up that brand.

Creativity: 5 stars. Green is a perfect color for a brand that focuses on eco-friendly and locally sourced products. It is offset well by taupe colors and other earth tones. Photography is also used creatively to show off the restaurant to those who cannot visit.

Ease of use: 5 stars. The website is small, but this only makes it easier to navigate. It offers basic information on the website and also a list of links to suppliers. Because the café uses locally sourced goods, linking to the suppliers is very appropriate.

Functionality:  2 stars. There are some frills—a map, for instance, on the contact page. However, there are several elements that are noticeably missing. For example, there is no menu, which is unfortunate because many will want to view that before visiting the restaurant. In addition, there are no social networking links and no blog. This brand has made it almost impossible to interact with them on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake—and a potentially devastating one.

Content: 5 stars. There are a few minor issues with phrasing, but the website is for the most part well written. We only wish there was a little more information about the actual food!

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website is very appropriate for a food brand of any kind. It has a distinctly Irish feeling that will make its products and gift hampers more attractive to an international audience. It accomplishes this without compromising the brand’s attractiveness to tourist and local markets.

Overall: 4.4 out of 5 stars