5 Tips for Making Your Blog a Practical Business Tool


Did you know that small businesses with blogs get 55 percent more traffic than those that do without? A blog is a valuable way of generating traffic to your website and building your company brand. However, it is important to build your blog according to a few sacred rules of corporate blogging. Here are five corporate blogging essentials that will make your blog the best it can be.

  1. Stay true to your brand.

    The first part of building a blog is to decide on a theme, a blog name, a color scheme, and editorial guidelines. These basics will determine the overall look and tone of your blog. These should be an integral part of your brand and feel like a good fit with the rest of your business. However, branding is not limited to colors; you need to keep the language, topic choice, and other aspects in line with your brand as well.

  2. Offer more than marketing.

    Marketing certainly will be a part of your blog, but it is only a small part. You need to be an expert on your chosen topic, as this will make customers feel good about doing business with you. Most important, your blog needs to have a defined value for the people reading it. You should be offering information and solutions that they can use in their day to day lives. This will make them feel that you are both an expert and a persona that they can trust.

  3. Assign an office blogger.

    If you are running a one man show, this will be easy. However, if you have several employees it can be more difficult. Choose an employee with impeccable grammar and spelling who enjoys writing, as this will make it easy to turn out readable and pleasing blogs on a regular basis. Train them in the specific language and tone that you want presented on your site and give them a list of topics. From there, let them work their magic. If no employee fits this lofty description, consider having a group of employees work together.

  4. Link to other business websites.

    Your blog should be linked to your company website and social networking pages (and vice-versa). It also should be linked to other blogs that post on similar but not competing topics and anything else that seems relevant. These links are usually the way that others will find your blog. Not only will they bring more traffic, they’ll make you a better-rounded member of the community, which readers tend to appreciate.

  5. Be a person.

    Your blog is a chance to show your human side and attract customers that like a human touch. Show a little personality and, if appropriate, a sense of humor. Think of your readers and try to make a connection with them. Many small business owners neglect to include pictures, humorous anecdotes, and other personal touches that make personal blogs so much fun to read. If your blog is on topic but fun to read, you’ll be ahead of the game.