5 Things that Customers Love to Buy


Marketing is an essential part of having a successful ecommerce website, a fact that I am sure you have realized. However, there are certain things that customers love to buy. These things require very little marketing and can be offered by almost any ecommerce website, no matter what your industry. Make sure you are selling at least one of these five “products.” 

  1. Time. While we assume that people in times gone by worked harder than modern people do, this is actually not the case. Modern people have more to manage—larger houses, more demanding jobs, more belongings, and also less family/community support—and, as a result, less free time than ever before. People want more time very badly and are willing to pay dearly for it. If your products save time, make this a major part of your marketing message.
  2. Money. We all work hard for our income, and you probably work particularly hard for yours if you are running an ecommerce website. Products that save money or create more cash flow are often seen as paying for themselves. If your product can save money, whether via lower electricity bills or by reducing the need for other expenditures, you need to emphasize this.
  3. A Reprieve from Monotonous Work. Whether your customer has a full home staff or is decidedly working class, they likely spend a certain amount of every day performing monotonous tasks that they do not enjoy in any way. Offering a product that performs these tasks for them or makes them more enjoyable is a good way of reaching out to these people. Everyone wants a life that is more rewarding and varied with less monotony and “chores.” If your product offers this, make sure you show that. Hint: in many cases, a product that saves customers from monotonous work also saves time, another precious commodity.
  4. Self Esteem. We all have insecurities—a scar on our face or a secret fear that we are not as smart as the people around us. We all want to build ourselves up, both in our eyes and in the opinions of others. The need to feel better about ourselves is universal. If your product will improve self-esteem, by improving your customers’ appearance or another attribute, make sure they know about it.
  5. Security. We live in increasingly insecure times. Crime may not be higher, but we hear about it more than ever through constant media coverage. The economy is instable, and indeed nothing seems to be stable anymore. If your products add actual security or even merely a peace of mind to your market’s lives, make this a central part of your marketing.

You are probably already selling one or more of these items, but do your customers know about it? More important, are you emphasizing the values that your customers feel strongest about? Every market has different values. Part of your job as an ecommerce website owner is to discover which of these products are most important to your target customer base and then to make these attributes a central part of your marketing.