5 Essential Components of a Small Business Brand


Making Your Mark: Five Essential Components of a Small Business Brand

Why care about branding? Having a trustworthy brand will help your business achieve a solid customer base and the profit margins that go with it. Your community and your competition make judgments about your company based solely on the power of your brand. Because branding is essential to the modern business, it’s important that you pay attention to the details even if you have a non-traditional way of marketing your business. Here are the five essential components of a great small business brand just as 5 ways of branding your website.

Logo. What’s in a logo? This one little graphic may have more impact on your success than any other aspect of your business. Your logo is the face of your business. It will be prominently displayed on the signs on your door as well as just about every piece of paper that leaves your office. Don’t sell yourself short by saddling your new business with a logo that holds you back instead of giving you a much needed boost in branding.

Scheme. Along with a logo, your small business will need a visual scheme that is both attractive and unique to your business. This includes a color scheme, a set of complimentary fonts, and any other special images that you plan to use as part of your business. Make sure these complement and go well with your logo, as both elements will be used together on a daily basis.

History. People love to buy products that have a story, and from businesses with an interesting history. In fact, they love it so much that they are willing to pay more. Build a personal business mythology that customers can identify with. This will make them want to support you, because it makes them part of your interesting, compelling story.

Community Presence. How involved are you in your community? In the beginning, most small business owners are forced to stick to low cost and no cost ways of being visible in the community, but as your business grows it is essential to be a visible and benevolent force in your field and in your neighborhood. Whether you are partially sponsoring a fun local event or allowing night poetry readings in your lobby, you must make sure your potential customers see you and your business as someone who cares.

People. This includes not just you, as the owner of the business, but also your employees and any virtual assistants. It’s essential that you and everyone that your customers interact with as part of your business be corresponding parts of your brand, from appearance to attitude. Decide on an image that complements your overall branding strategy and allow no variation from it. In the end, your personal interaction with the public will have a larger effect on your small business branding than any other aspect.

As you can see, it is not difficult to build a small business brand, and this process is essential from the very beginning of your business. Modern consumers don’t just buy products and services; they buy images and stories. No one can afford to be without branding, so give your small business a great start by paying attention to these details.