5 Essential Parts of a Brand

Many people think that a small business brand is just a logo design, or even the business name itself. Your brand actually encompasses all of these aspects and more. Here are the five essential [...]

A Stolen Logo?

As people in London get ready for the upcoming Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is still in the planning phases for their own Games. Interestingly, their Olympic logo design is creating just as much stir [...]

Outsourcing Writing Website

This website has a unique issue to deal with. While many businesspeople outsource writing, most students are much more reluctant—and with good reason. How do you know the essay will be top [...]

Sometimes It Pays to Know Your Logos

We aren’t normally game show catchers around here, but we are complete design nerds. It didn’t take long before our inbox was flooded with emails informing us that a logo design question was [...]

Poster Design as a Business Tool

While many small business owners are turning to the internet for their marketing, there are a few standards that never get old. Posters are one of these. People see posters everywhere they [...]