2-D Arts Studio Website Review


2-D Arts Studio offers a variety of web applications and graphics services, and as the name implies, it does so in an artistic and creative way. This is represented by the image in the header, which combines traditional arts symbols such as a pencil with more modern ones associated with digital technology. The background in shades of gray combine with a bold, lime green square for a similar impression of balance and symmetry.

One of the benefits of this website is that every part of it can be easily found and accessed from the front page. While this seems like a basic good design, many websites nonetheless neglect it. It seems that it would be difficult to sell yourself as a maker of website solutions without having a few on your own website, which is why there are a few interesting ones on the front page, most notably the scrolling bar of projects completed in the past by this company.

Although the name suggests a lack of technological savvy (after all, isn’t 2-D exactly the form that we overcame with modern digital technology?), the website makes it clear that this company is as contemporary as can be, capable of creating solutions that will enhance your website or other online presence.

Creativity: 5 stars. The website has a color palette that pops and a simple landing page that directs users wherever they need to go. There is a carefully constructed sense of balance between traditional arts and digital technology, which can be a difficult balance to create. The only possible way to improve this site would be to add a few of the custom web solutions that they boast and really highlight their design abilities. However, in doing so, they would run the risk of overcomplicating a well-balanced site.

Ease of use: 5 stars. The website pages are full of details but load quickly. It is easy to access the portfolio and to perform basic tasks such as getting contact information and making a quote. Having a well organized and easy to use website is definitely a plus for a company that claims to design them.

Functionality: 3 stars. You can find the contact information easily, but surely a website that claims to work with Facebook and other social networking sites has a Facebook and Twitter presence of its own! Interested customers will never know because links are either nonexistent or just very difficult to find.

Content: 4 stars. Latin is generally considered a dead language, but it definitely captures the viewer’s attention. As a bonus, it is generally associated with education and intelligence. The business is running the risk that a customer will leave due to the perceived language barrier, but we think most people will understand the purpose. The content is straightforward and informative, without a lot of extras.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website is a great example of success in its genre. 2D Arts has a user friendly website that shows off the business’s capabilities without being too showy or overwhelming.

Overall: 4.4 stars. This is a well-rounded site with some room for improvement—but not too much.