10 Easy-to-use Product Page Boosters


If you are running an online store, the product page is one of the most important parts of your ecommerce site. Needless to say, having the right elements in your product page is very crucial in sales conversion. These are called Product Page Boosters.

Before you follow this improvement tips, try to understand the mindset of your customers about product pages. To them it’s a one-stop source of all information not only about your products but competitors as well. Here are some of the basic yet effective tips to improve conversion rates of your product pages with the help of product page boosters:


    1. Provide at least 3 high quality images. Do not forget to use “see larger image” option to better appreciate the product.
    2. If you are selling a wearable item show images that it is worn by your typical target customer.
    3. Use white background to add some a simple yet elegant appeal to your product
    4. Though it’s good to provide many images, consider also its effect on your page load. Unfortunately, patience is not a virtue of many online customers.

Product Info

    1. Answer the question, “Why you should buy this product?” Emphasize the key benefits or advantages of your products or services compared to competition. Be careful not to exaggerate.
    2. Offer both the overview of product (short description or summary) located at the higher portion of your page and detailed information (specifications, additional features, positive and negative testimonials) below the fold.
    3. Adjust the wordings to the comprehension level of your target customers.
    4. Add “call to action” phrases such as “add to cart” or “buy now” to encourage purchase. You can also highlight the savings or discounts in case you’re offering it for a limited time. Place it either on the right-hand portion of the screen or below your short product description.


Extra Features

    1. Include product a comparison chart in case you have other similar products or services which a customer may want to evaluate as well. You can even compare your products against leading brands, if you’re confident about your distinct advantages
    2. Include a “related products” link to encourage more purchase. Follow Amazon.com’s system called “What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing Items Like This?”