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Travel Planning Website Review

Travel Planning Website Review

When you think of beautiful autumn places, Tennessee probably doesn’t come to mind. Most Americans simply don’t associate the Deep South with, well, beauty. This online travel website aims to change that perception and make sure Tennessee is the first place you think of when you...
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Free Vector Download Website Review

Sometimes we see websites that are so close… and yet so far away. Free Vector Download is just one of those websites. It uses good principles of CSS web design to create a site where a large amount of information is logically organized and easily accessible, but it falls short in...
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Duirwaigh Studios Website Review

When I opened this website, I was interested by the rich artwork and colors. I immediately wondered: what kind of business does this CSS website represent? Unfortunately, it took me quite a lot of looking to answer this question. There is a lot of flowery language and pretty...
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Personal Finance Software Website Review

It seems like it should be easy to sell a free product, but having a professional band and an attractive website certainly helps. Money Strands is a business offering award-winning personal finance software as well as an iPhone app on the subject. While many people consider...
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Interactive Marketing Website Review

I have always maintained that design-oriented businesses must have the very best website designs on the market—but this is almost enough to make us take that back. Acsys Interactive is a company that specializes in creating interactive marketing. If I had to pick a field where...
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Wordpress Website Templates

A Froggy Website – But Cool!

Many people out there like frogs, so why not buy your WordPress theme from one? Seriously, though, eFrog Themes has a froggy name and a brand that goes with it. The logo includes a leggy frog character who is the mascot of the website. He adds a personal touch to a very...
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Baby shop website review

Pokka Dots Website Review

It has been quite a while since I last reviewed a website. We have been quite busy with our move to New York and our company rebranding etc. I wanted to get back into writing more reviews and this I hope will put me back on track. With today’s site we see the full potential...
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Better Hosting With Bacon?

Unusual names seem to be a must in the web hosting world, and HostBacon is no exception. It is named for a food that is a guilty pleasure for most of us. This unusual name actually makes for an interesting logo design, brand, and CSS website. The landing page features—as one...
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Melbourne Studio of Art Website Review

We’ve talked before about how art and design related businesses need to have a well-designed website. An art school definitely falls under this category. Students, parents, and members of the community will be looking at this website. What they see there will give them subtle and...
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Anniversary Alert Website Review

How often do you miss an anniversary, birthday, or other important event? This is exactly the disaster that the Anniversary Alert website is trying to prevent. The website is aimed at men, who seem to be the most likely to forget important events. The function is simple: you...
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Home Remodeling Website Review

It is very important for designers of any kind to have a professional website — especially if their field of design is one like home remodeling, in which people will be spending a lot of money and living with the resulting product for a long time. Not only should this website...
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Loviu Website Review

Most of us have visited t-shirt shops both on and off the internet, some of us quite frequently. A new t-shirt website is generally nothing to write about. However, Loviu is offering not just another t-shirt shop, but an interactive experience that will appeal to many art and...
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8 Creative Websites that Inspire

With the millions of websites on the Internet today, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Any company that wishes to be exposed needs to have their very own website, and not just any website. It has to be creative and unique if it’s going to catch the...
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Billing Invoice Website Review

It can be difficult to run a small business, so apps making this task a little easier are in high demand. This is exactly the service that FreshBooks is offering: a smartphone app that simplifies billing by integrating your mobile device into the process.
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Editor Website – Impressive Resume and Great Design!

Editor Website – It can be difficult to earn a living as a writer, editor, or indeed any freelancer. Having a well-designed website  and logo design is the first step toward building a personal brand that will build your career and earning power. The Three Penny Editor is a...
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Restaurant Website Review

A Beautiful Restaurant Website

A Beautiful Restaurant Website – Most restaurants now have websites, and some even has CSS websites. However, few have exceptionally well-designed websites that build their brand. This is unfortunate for the restaurants that are missing it. Oakley Fayre is not missing it....
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Electric Car Website Review

This electric car website is aw stylish and as elegant as the electric car solutions that the company offers!
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Cake Sweet Cake Website Review

Cake Sweet Cake Website Review – Bakery websites… I hate to write about them, especially right before a meal. Yet, I seem to find many that are well-designed and beautiful. Perhaps it is something about the industry; perhaps something about the nature of a baker. Either...
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Website Design Samples

The trends of the internet are always changing, that is why web designers are always in demand. If you are creating a new website design or logo design, it might be good to consider looking at professional website design samples for inspiration.

Slap typefaces have been used for over 200 hundred years, and can really set off a website design sample. An example would be an old west wanted poster. Think about that kind of impact, the way that hits the people who view it. Slap typefaces are usually all capital letters written in bold, demanding attention of the reader.

With the use of slap typefaces, go with some typography. Many web designers have a back ground in some graphic arts, and are familiar with graphic arts programs such as Adobe Photoshop. This is an amazing tool for creating your own fonts, bringing the attitude of a website to full life. If you are not familiar with any graphic design programs, there are tons of fonts people have created for general use. Check them out, try different font sizes and see what catches on or catches your eye.

For some website design examples, good old fashioned minimalism could be huge. Don’t think of family websites, or people on a shoe string budget. Instead imagine huge bold print, with simple color schemes. Get rid of framing everything and just let the fonts and titles do the talking.

Something that is already big but will be growing is sharing on social networking. If there is a link to be able to share a website with friends on facebook.com or twitter.com, they essentially do marketing for you. It’s easier to have people do your marketing for you by word of mouth than any other way, if you can interest the in the first place. Using this process should be easy, and give great benefits.

Huge flashy banners can be so 2005 don’t date yourself, update yourself! Try using a picture a huge picture where people can just scroll down to check out the website design portfolio. These are more interesting and calming than big banners with flashing lights. This can also generate a lot of interest, but be sure users know they can just scroll down, people still have a bit of a phobia when it comes to clicking.

Web users are getting more and more savvy these days. This allows for a more artful use of space within web design. You can try doing things which are a little more intuitive or artistic. This can garner a sense of endearment for a user instead of same old every day website. Web users have been bored by websites for about five years now, it is ok to update.

When all is said and done, you have to make decisions for your website based on what you know. What you know about your target audience, is what you can use from this, and how you can use it.